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Apple’s Find My app has been a crucial tool for locating lost or stolen Apple devices, and now with the introduction of Apple’s new AirTag, users can easily locate their lost belongings, from keys and wallets to bags and even pets. The AirTag is a small, round, Bluetooth-enabled device that can be attached to any item, allowing users to track its location using the Find My app.

TechCrunch reporter, Darrell Etherington, recently reviewed Apple’s new AirTag, sharing his experience with the device, and discussing its features and capabilities. According to Etherington, the AirTag is a “game-changer for anyone who frequently misplaces their belongings.”

The AirTag is about the size of a quarter and is designed to be attached to any item using a small keychain or adhesive. The device works by using Bluetooth to communicate with nearby Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, in order to locate the lost item. Once the item is located, the user is notified of its whereabouts through the Find My app.

One of the most impressive features of the AirTag is its ability to provide precise location tracking. Etherington notes that he was able to locate his lost AirTag within inches of its actual location. This level of accuracy is made possible by the AirTag’s use of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which provides more precise location data than traditional Bluetooth.

Another notable feature of the AirTag is its ability to create a “Lost Mode” alert. If an AirTag is separated from its owner and is out of range of any of their Apple devices, it will automatically enter Lost Mode. This will trigger an alert on any nearby Apple devices, letting people know that the item is lost and providing them with the owner’s contact information. This feature could be especially helpful for lost pets, as anyone who comes across the lost pet with an AirTag attached to their collar will be able to notify the owner of their pet’s whereabouts.

However, as Etherington points out, the AirTag is not without its potential drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns with the device is its ability to be used for stalking or other malicious purposes. While Apple has built in certain safeguards to prevent unwanted tracking, such as notifications when an unknown AirTag is in range, it is still possible for the device to be used in a harmful way Celebrity height.

Additionally, the AirTag’s battery is not user-replaceable, which means that users will need to replace the entire device once the battery dies. However, Apple has stated that the AirTag’s battery should last for about a year with normal use.

Despite these concerns, Etherington concludes that the AirTag is a “compelling addition to the Find My ecosystem,” and that it “makes it easier than ever to keep track of your belongings.” The device is currently available for purchase on Apple’s website for $29 for a single AirTag or $99 for a pack of four.

Overall, Apple’s new AirTag is an innovative and useful tool for locating lost belongings. While there are potential concerns with the device, its precise location tracking and Lost Mode alert make it a valuable addition to the Find My ecosystem. As more people begin to use AirTags, it will be interesting to see how the technology evolves and how Apple responds to any potential issues that arise.

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