Do Girls Like When Guys Drive?

Do girls like when guys drive? Apparently so. One study has shown that women think that trucks are sexier than sports cars and rank 32nd among attractiveness traits for guys. Even though this may be surprising to some men, it is the truth. Here are some more reasons why women like guys who drive pickup trucks. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a vehicle for a date. A: Men who drive trucks tend to be more masculine than women.

First, women don’t like dirty cars, and men with BMWs are less desirable than those with Audis. According to the study, 71% of women say that they don’t care about the car a guy drives, but 91% of them think a good driver is attractive. And 79% of women say they expect a man to be good at fixing flat tyres. Women also prefer Audis over BMWs.

Speed is another factor that women look for in a man. Fast cars release pheromones that women find attractive. A study conducted by the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff found that women aged 21 to 41 were more attracted to men who drive expensive cars than those with cheaper cars. In addition, girls tend to believe that men with expensive cars have more money than women, and a guy with a fancy car is more confident and self-confident.

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