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How to Use an Echo Dot With a Microphone

If you want to use your Echo Dot with a microphone, there is a way to fix this problem with the Amazon Echo. The 4th generation does not have an aux input, but the Amazon Echo Plus has one. You can also plug in a Bluetooth speaker to use it with your Echo. The hardware mute switch is located on the bottom of the device. When you press the microphone switch, it will turn off the microphone and the LED ring on the speaker will turn red. Although this will make Alexa less responsive, you can still use your Echo Dot with your phone to stream music.

The new fourth-generation Echo Dot sports a fabric exterior and a round design. The fabric covers two-thirds of the speaker, leaving a wedge in the rear. The fabric also moves the light rings on the front of the device to the bottom, casting a glow on the surface. The back of the device features volume buttons and mic mute buttons. It also has a 3.5mm audio output and a power adapter.

If you’d like to use the AUX input on the new Echo Dot, you need to connect the AUX cable to the speaker. The AUX cord plugs into the 3.5 mm jack on the Echo Dot. Once you connect the AUX cord, the device will start playing the audio from the source device. While this option is not compatible with all devices, it is still a viable option for some people.

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