JYP Favoritism

If you’re wondering how JYP is able to retain so many old members of the agency, you’re not alone. The K-pop industry is one of the most influential in the world, but it’s also not perfect. Some people defend the company due to their fandom, while others point out that JYP’s music is not great. While these issues are not related to the artists, it’s important to note that the company doesn’t make its artists’ lives easier.

In addition to Yuna’s outstanding talent and mesmerizing looks, fans are also concerned about her lack of stage time and singing lines. She’s also not in the “center stage” position. Despite her talented voice and charming stage presence, Yuna’s role as a “face” of JYP has left many fans wondering if the label forgot about her. Hopefully, JYP will remember their favoritism for the singer and give her more screen time in future releases.

While the promotion is nice, fans may wonder if the MCs are playing favorites on stage. After all, they’re only playing favorites! Kai, Twice and Eunjung are the members who have received the least amount of spotlight. It’s not clear what the rumors surrounding Dae’s “favoritism” meant, but they’re still there. Just like the drama’s lead actress, Dae’s preference for Dae isn’t limited to the girls.

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