League of Legends: Arcane

Despite its small scale, Arcane is a strong and entertaining fantasy series. The storyline follows several key League of Legends champions, including Jayce and Viktor, and features a host of other new characters. The series is divided into three acts separated by several years, and functions like a mini-movie. While the story is relatively short, Arcane does focus on two duos in Piltover: Jayce and Viktor, a sister and scientific partner who find a way to save the world.

While the action in Arcane is brutal, it never becomes gory or gratuitous. The sex scenes aren’t gratuitous, and there is no nudity, though the game does feature some obscene language. Overall, Arcane is a great choice for mature families. The series’ story is gripping, and the game’s pacing is excellent. It’s also enjoyable for newcomers and is likely to inspire some players to start playing League of Legends.

Arcane was announced during the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration. Originally, it was set to debut the following year, but the Coronavirus pandemic caused a disruption in production. The series is now scheduled to air in three acts over the course of three weeks. The series’ first episode is set to premiere on November 6, and the last episode will be available on November 20. This isn’t surprising, given the fact that it was the first Netflix series to co-stream with Twitch.

The storyline of Arcane follows the story of sisters Vi and Jinx, who were separated as children. They are now reunited but a dark force threatens to keep them apart. With 12 years to develop its lore, Arcane is a must-see fantasy. It’s packed with action and delicious animation. Soak in all the goodness it offers! You’ll be glad you did. Just make sure to watch it when it launches on Netflix tomorrow.

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