Swim with Dolphins in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is an island of coral origin with a total area of 197 km², the largest of the Cayman Islands. It is located in the Caribbean Sea at a distance of 120 km from Little Cayman and 145 km from Cayman Brac. The functions of the administrative centre are performed by the capital of the country – Georgetown (George Town). 

An interesting fact is that there are no natural sources of fresh water on the island in the form of lakes, rivers, etc., so drinking water is given an advantage by desalination of seawater. The absence of rivers on Grand Cayman explains the exceptional transparency of sea water washing the shores of the island. Grand Cayman was hit hard by Tropical Storm Ivan, which lasted from September 11 to 12, 2004. Up to 80% of all structures on the island were destroyed. A significant part of the population of Grand Cayman lives on the west coast of the island, where the city of George Town and the International Airport are located. Owen Roberts.

What to do on this island? 

The main type of recreation in local resorts is the beach. Fans of extreme tourism come to the island to try their hand at kiting, surfing and yachting. You can take a few diving lessons at the Deep Blue Divers Center in the capital. Grand Cayman has Nicki’s Beach Rides Riding School. Connoisseurs of developed infrastructure should stay in Georgetown. For a secluded pastime, the uncrowded eastern part of the island is suitable. The best beach is considered “Seven Mile” (Seven Mile Beach). But still, it is snorkelling and marina activities in Grand Cayman that are the most popular type of entertainment among tourists from all over the world.

Adherents of eco-tourism and their fellow travellers will be able to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea during snorkelling and scuba diving. Vacationers will be offered to visit Stingray City Bay and swim next to these animals. We advise nature lovers to take a walk in the Botanical Garden of Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park). In addition, you can swim with dolphins in Grand Cayman. Dolphin therapy is a special kind of relaxation that can heal not only some physical problems and diseases, but also heal your soul. Dolphins are beautiful, kind and sympathetic animals.

While on vacation in the capital, tourists can spend time shopping at the malls Kirk Freeport, Grand Harbor and Windward Center, as well as dancing at Dream and Jet nightclubs. The demand for event tourism in Grand Cayman is provided by the Batabano Carnival, the Pirates Week Festival and the Cayman Islands National Art Festival. As part of a sightseeing tour of Georgetown, fans of sightseeing tourism will see such historical and architectural monuments as the fortifications of Fort George, Saint Ignatius Church and the local clock tower (Clock Tower). During the trip, fans of health tourism will feel the beneficial effects of climatic features and good ecology of the resort. To the services of connoisseurs of gastronomic tourism on the island, there are restaurants of authentic Caribbean cuisine Brasserie, Sunshine Grill and Tukka.

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