Top Event Management Companies in World

When it comes to event management, there are some notable firms that can deliver the goods. Jack Morton is one of these companies, with a list of clients that includes Fortune 100 and Forbes’ list makers. For over 80 years, Jack Morton has delivered exceptional experiences that span live, virtual and hybrid events. As one of the world’s leading virtual event management companies, it’s no wonder that Jack Morton has won awards for its work. Whether you’re looking for a one-off event or an ongoing series of conferences, the company’s team can design a seamless experience for your audience.

Oren CO: Based in Los Angeles, this event management company has been revolutionizing the events industry for 25 years. Their unique and innovative approach to event planning has led them to handle some of the world’s most high-profile events. These companies have planned events for Reese Witherspoon, Jason Bateman and Adam Levine, among many others. Their event services are so advanced, in fact, that they’ve become an extension of a client’s event planning team.

LAI Live is a full-service live show production company that designs, produces and manages events. With more than two decades in the industry, they’ve developed innovative technology to make virtual events feel as real as possible. Their team of professionals handles every detail so you’re guaranteed the best experience. The company has a longstanding reputation for creating memorable events and has been in the industry since 1999. You can rest assured that you’ll get the same level of service and quality every time you hire LAI Live.

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