Understanding Sexual Harassment at the Workplace- When is it a Crime?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a grave problem and employees complain that they get comments on their physical features, clothing and other attributes. Many of them tend to ignore these incidents because they want to focus on their work. However, if we ignore it, the abuser’s confidence will increase and he will never stop doing so. The only way to handle this kind of harassment is to get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney Austin so that the number of these occurrences can be reduced.

When is sexual harassment a crime?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be treated as a civil case. However, some kinds of behavior and actions can be accountable for criminal offenses. They have been discussed below:


If the abuser has raped the victim on the office premises, it will be taken as a criminal offense and the abuser will have to face serious consequences as that is a criminal case. The victim may file a criminal lawsuit against the abuser with the help of an attorney. 

False imprisonment 

Sexual harassment becomes a crime when the abuser controls the movement of the victim and does not let her enjoy her freedom. Physical contact or threats may qualify as a criminal offense. It is important to explain the incident properly to the attorney, who can figure out whether the harassment is civil or criminal in nature.

Sexual favors

If the victim is asked to get involved in sexual activities in exchange for promotions or benefits, it will be treated as a criminal offense. The boss may try to engage the female employee in sex and activities for pleasure. The employee may file a criminal case against the abuser. 


If the abuser sends you illicit messages, photos and videos via email or phone, you can file a lawsuit and complaint against the abuser. It is a crime to broadcast these materials to someone without his or her permission. In case kids are involved in such pictures, the abuser may have to face charges for child pornography as well.

Stalking the victim

In case the abuser follows you to the office or home and even hacks your social media accounts, he will have to face criminal charges because these actions may be accountable for serious criminal activities.

If you are a victim of any of these incidents, it is suggested to contact an attorney immediately and file a lawsuit. 

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